Second Debut Consignment

Want to Consign with Us? 

Here's how! 

We take all types of Women’s clothing and accessories except bathing suits and lingerie.


Old Navy, Gap, Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Kohl’s, Sears, H&M, Express, The Limited, JC Penny, Eddie Bauer and

Items Without Labels.


In Style: From the past 2-3 years

In Season: Clothes should be in season

In Perfect Condition: Clean, pressed, laundered and on hangers


Clients must make an appointment. There is a 3 piece minimum and a 20 piece maximum for any one appointment. During your appointment, your items will be evaluated and those acceptable to Second Debut Consignment will be chosen.


Pricing is at the discretion of Second Debut. The Consigner receives 40% of the final price. Your items will stay on the floor for a total of 90 days. The first 30 days will be at full price, the second 30 days will be discounted by 25% and the final 30 days will be at 50% off the original price. AFTER 90 DAYS - IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSIGNER TO PICK UP THEIR ITEMS. Please give us a 2 day notice to pull your items prior to picking them up. Any items not picked up become the property of Second Debut. Sorry, we cannot call cosigners to remind them to pick up their items.


The Consigner may call or stop by for their check. Unfortunately, we do not automatically send you a check. We will pay out on consignments for up to one year from Drop Off Date.


We always do our best to safeguard your items but WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE OR THEFT.